We’re famous for our Pizzas, Burgers and Damn Good Chips! We serve classic pub dishes on our specials board, from hearty staples such as fish and chips to something a little different, but for that you’ll have to pop in.

Food Service Times:

Monday – Saturday: 12 – 10pm |  Sunday: 12 – 9pm
Sandwiches (12-5pm)


In Cambridge and want to sample some great bar food? Whether you are looking for a light lunch, a social meal with friends or have special dietary requirements, we have choices to suit everyone.










Homemade Scotch Egg + piccalilli

Big Bowl of Nachos (v) ole! heaped with melted cheese + jalapenos+ spicy salsa + sour cream + guacamole

Crispy Chicken Strips hand breaded with garlic mayonnaise + sweet chilli sauce

Salmon Fishcakes + lime mayo

Starters & Snacks Pizzas Burgers Sharers Sandwiches Sides Salads


All our pizzas are made using our own dough recipe, creating a light and tasty base, about 12 inches in size. Our homemade pomodoro sauce is made from 100% crushed tomatoes, herbs, and a few other secret ingredients…

We can offer any of our pizza’s with a 10” gluten free base if you wish.


The Original
mozzarella + homemade pomodoro sauce + fresh basil

The Greek
fresh goat s cheese + peppers + red onions

The Spanish
chorizo + peppers + jalapenos + olives

The Italian
proper italian ham + mushrooms + artichokes + anchovies

Spicy Chicken
succulent cajun chicken + peppers + red onions + olives

The BBQ One
cajun chicken + italian ham + bbq sauce


The Jamaican (Unique Sauce)
chicken strips + jalapenos + spring onions+ bell peppers + reggae reggae sauce

The Hot One
ground beef + cajun chicken + scotch bonnet sauce + rocket


The Peking (Unique Sauce)
shredded duck + spring onions + rocket + hoisin sauce

The Breakfast One (Unique Sauce)
pomodoaro sauce + black pudding + lincolnshire sausage + smoked bacon + fried egg

The BIG Tram
blue cheese + chorizo + serrano ham + onion rings + rocket

Why not have a Calzone? Just ask for your 12” pizza folded!

Feeling hungry? Then turn any regular base into 16” for only £4 extra and don’t worry if you don’t polish it off, we’ll let you take it away.
Just ask for a box (sorry no 16” for gluten free)

Starters & Snacks Pizzas Burgers Sharers Sandwiches Sides Salads


All our burgers are 100% Aberdeen Angus beef, served with lettuce, tomato and red onion. if you think you are man enough, then double-up on any of our burgers for just £2.

1. Pick your bun, Brioche, Sour Dough or Gluten Free Panini.
2. choose either our amazing Tram chips or for just 25p more have sweet potato fries

Plain & Simple
as it comes or add any of our extra toppings

Breaded Chuck
breaded whole chicken breast

Roast Vegetable Stack Burger (v)
roasted to perfection

The Tram Blue
blue cheese melt + onion rings

The Hickory
bacon + bbq sauce

The Cajun
cajun spiced chicken breast + guacamole

The Pizza Burger
our beef burger between two small pizza bases loaded with our tomato sauce + mozzarella + basil. only at the Tram Depot

The Hunter
the works. grilled chicken breast + bacon + cheese + bbq sauce

The Whole Hog
homemade pulled pork + sage & onion stuffing + apple sauce

The Bloody Ridiculous

“The Bloody Ridiculous”
served in a big old bap. chicken breast
+ beef burger + pulled pork + bacon + flat mushroom + cheese + bbq sauce + onion rings

Extra Burger Toppings

90p Bacon
60p Cheddar Cheese
60p Onion Rings
60p Mushrooms

Starters & Snacks Pizzas Burgers Sharers Sandwiches Sides Salads


The Veggie One (v)
garlic & rosemary infused camembert + olives + sun dried tomatoes + roast peppers + trams own spanish onion rings + chutney + warm bread

The Fishy One
salmon fishcakes + 1/3 pint whitebait + anchovy tapenade + scampi + dill crème fraiche + warm bread


The Meaty One
serrano ham + Lincolnshire sausages with a honey & mustard glaze + black pudding + chorizo + pulled pork + chutney + warm bread

Starters & Snacks Pizzas Burgers Sharers Sandwiches Sides Salads


Choose from Ciabatta, White, Granary Bloomer or Gluten Free Panini.

Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato

Tuna + Sweet Chilli Mayo

Sausage + Red Onion Marmalade

Mozzarella + Basil + Tomato (v)

Crispy Chicken + Garlic Mayo

Fish Finger

Starters & Snacks Pizzas Burgers Sharers Sandwiches Sides Salads


The Tram’s Damn Good Chips

The Tram’s Damn Good Chips + Cheese

Sweet Potato Fries

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread + Cheese

Onion Rings

Side Salad

Starters & Snacks Pizzas Burgers Sharers Sandwiches Sides Salads


Chicken Caesar
Char grilled chicken, egg, cherry tomatoes, croutons, Parmesan cheese, crisp mixed leaves and Caesar dressing.

Goats Cheese + Beetroot
Goats cheese baked on a ciabatta, beetroot, peppers, cherry tomatoes, onion marmalade, crisp mixed leaves and a balsamic glaze

Starters & Snacks Pizzas Burgers Sharers Sandwiches Sides Salads


We offer home made specials which includes our own sausages made on the premises, a range of burgers to suit, our freshly made authentic Italian Pizzas with the option of a 10″ Gluten free base and an extensive bar menu served here at The Tram Depot pub in Cambridge, ideal to go with your choice from a fantastic range of soft drinks, Real Ales or Fine Wines.
For more enquires call 01223 324553

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